about me.

Hey everyone!

My name’s Emma and I’m 17 years old. I live in South London and I always have. I love it. I guess at times I think it would be cool to live somewhere else, but this is my home and I’m happy it is. I’m currently in Year 13 in an all-girls grammar school, which is a lot of stress but I love it so very much. The teachers and students there are great. I study English Literature and Language, Media Studies and Classical Civilisations (media is for sure my favourite).

My hobbies include reading, writing, fashion, photography, baking, gaming, beauty and so so much more. These are the kind of things I’ll be blogging about. I’m quite an introverted person when I meet new people, but I open up pretty quick. I’m happy to talk to anyone who wants to, just head on over to my Contact Me page to see how we can chat!

I really hope you guys find happiness and joy in my blog, I want to promote positivity as much as I possibly can. I’ll occasionally have posts that are a bit more deep and personal. It will help us get to know each other a bit more, but also you might be experiencing the same things I am.

If you ever want to talk about anything with me, don’t be afraid to!

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Lots of love,

Emma xxx